Our current economic system is on its head. Money has become an end in itself rather than a means for what really counts: a good life for all. Christian Felber, author of "Change everything: Creating an Economy for the Common Good" and co-founder of the Economy for the Common Good movement

What is the Economy for the Common Good?

The Economy for the Common Good describes an economic system that is built on values that promote the common good.
It is a transformational lever, economically, politically and socially.

The Economy for the Common Good is

...economically, a viable, concrete and workable alternative for companies of different sizes and legal structures.
The purpose of an organisation and the evaluation of its success are determined according to values that serve the common good.

...politically, an engine for legal change. The objective of engagement is a good life for all living beings and for the planet, underpinned by an economic system that serves the common good.
Human dignity, solidarity, ecological sustainability, social justice and democratic participation are all essential values.

...socially, an initiative to raise awareness for changing the system, based on the collective and respectful actions of as many people as possible.
The movement gives hope and courage, and seeks mutual networking with other initiatives.

It is an open-minded, participatory and locally growing process with a global outlook, symbolized by the dandelion seeds of the logo.